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Swimming lessons for babies in Houston, tx

Here at Safe Swimming School in Houston, TX, we offer baby swim classes for infants as young as two months old. We believe early exposure to water is the key to developing strong swimmers and water-safe kids. Our early swimming lessons give your toddler or infant the skills he or she need for roll-over breathing, floating and basic water safety. According to the CDC, drowning is a leading cause of death for babies, toddlers and young children. Starting your child off with baby swim classes can be a great way to give you peace of mind and keep your child safer.

Swimming instructors for toddlers, infants and babies in Houston, TX

Our instructors in Houston, TX are specially trained in teaching infants, toddlers, and small children how to swim and what to do in the water. They also help parents and guardians learn how to handle babies while in the pool. Each of our instructors is CPR and first aid certified, with professional experience as a lifeguard or swim coach. We also have instructors who can provide swimming lessons to adults. We believe it is never too late to feel comfortable in the water and our private swim lessons are ideal for adults who have never learned to swim.

Swimming Lessons in Houston, TX

Safe Swimming School began in Houston, Texas! Houston is our home town and we are so proud to call it home!  

We believe that enrolling in a back-based swim program is the strongest protective layer against drowning.  Swim lessons are a necessity, not an elective activity.  Drowning is the cause of death for more children every year than car accidents! Keep your family water safe, and enroll today!  

Safe Swimming School's style of home pool swimming lessons in Houston are effective, flexible, and convenient.  Your swim lessons are taught at your residence, community or public swimming pool.  We work with your schedule, and teach 7 days per week with morning, afternoon, and evening swim times available.  Private swim lessons yield better and faster results than conventional group lessons due to the increased one-on-one interaction between instructor and student.  

We offer swim classes for infant survival swim lessons, mommy & me style swim lessons, learn-to-swim, overcoming fear of the water, adult swim lessons, and advanced stroke technique.  We will customize your swim lesson to fit your personal swim goals.  

All prices are based on 30 minute, private swim lessons.  Swim lessons are taught Monday through Sunday from 9am-7pm. Payment is due in full before class. Registration fees are due annually and are charged per swimmer.    

Swim Package Prices

6 Swim Classes.................$348

12 Swim Classes...............$636  

20 Swim Classes...............$960

Annual Registration Fees
Per Swimmer.............................................$35
Second Swimmer (Siblings Only)............$15
Family Registration (3 or more)..............$60
**Family discounts are offered to siblings only.  No exceptions.**

Premium Travel Fee

Lessons at locations that do not have on-site, free self-parking, or that require extra time to get to the pool, will incur a $7 trip charge.  (per visit not per lesson)

Home pool swim classes are offered in Greater Houston, TX, and surrounding areas. Our territory includes, but is not limited to:





-The Heights

-West University




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