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Private Lifeguards available for your next backyard party!

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Learn with a trained, experienced, Cpr certified swim instructor.

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NOW enrolling swim classes .    

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The Safe Swimming School Program is back-based which means that we teach all of our students survival swim techniques, including a sustaining a back float from a submerged position. Our passion is drowning prevention and it is our mission to help end childhood swimmer at a time! 


Safe Swimming School is a mobile swim school, which means that all swim lessons are taught at your home or community pool! We make swim lessons easy and convenient! All of our swim instructors are experienced, trained, and certified.  

We teach at-home, private swim lessons for all ages and skill levels, from newborns through adults. Our instructors specialize in the following swim classes:

  • Infant survival swim lessons
  • Overcoming fear of the water
  • Mommy & Me
  • Learn-to-swim
  • Advanced stroke technique
  • Adult swim lessons

​How are we different?

  • We take a loving approach to swimming lessons. Our swim instructors are gentle.  We use games, toys and songs to make the experience more fun!
  • If your child is not ready to be in an intense infant survival class, we also offer a mommy and me style survival class
  • Breath control (bubbles) is an important part of gaining confidence and comfort in the water
  • ​We believe that emotional comfort is a crucial part of learning how to swim
  • We customize every class to fit the needs, goals and fears of the swimmer 
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Open Enrollment for Baby Swim Classes

Safe Swimming School is now registering babies and toddlers for swimming lessons. We have locations in South Florida and Houston, TX. Our swimming school is focused on teaching young children how to be comfortable and safe in the water from an early age. Baby swim classes can start as young as three months. It's never too early to begin swimming lessons or to start teaching infants and toddlers about pool safety. Enroll your child today to take advantage of the summer months and start a lifelong love of the water. 

Experienced Swim Instructors

Our team of instructors are specially trained to teach infants, toddlers and young children all about the water. Every instructor teaching your child is CPR certified and an experienced lifeguard, which means that the safety of your child is paramount in everything they do. Children who are exposed to the water and have learned water techniques to rescue themselves if necessary are far safer near the water than children who have never experienced being in a pool. Our program teaches even young babies and toddlers back swimming methods such as floating, roll-over breathing and water safety. Keep your child water safe with our baby swim classes! 

Other Swimming Services

We also offer adult swim classes. It is never too late to learn how to love the water. Our swimming instructors can even provide lessons designed for those with special needs . If you are looking for more advanced swim instruction, we offer advanced level classes that work on racing methods, breath control, endurance and speed. 


Your baby has begun to discover the world around them, and now it is time to discover the water!  We start lessons as early as birth.  At this level it is your choice for a parent or guardian to be in the water, but it is not required.  We focus on comfort in the water, basic safety, breath control, and floating.  The use of songs, games and toys are used to make learning fun!


A beginner can be a swimmer of any age.  This level focuses on water safety, comfort, breath control, floating, and stroke technique.  Every swimmer progresses at his or her own pace, so we custom design each class to fit the swimmer's needs.  


The moderate level swimmer is comfortable with basic water safety and is able to independently float on his or her back.  The focus is on stroke technique, breath control and endurance, and will introduce dives and flip turns. 


The competitive swimmer has been introduced to all four strokes, and can float on his or her back independently.  The focus of this level is stroke refinement, advanced breath control, speed, endurance and racing techniques.


It is never too late to learn to enjoy the water!  Whether you are a beginner who is terrified of the water, or you are training for a triathlon, we will tailor the class to fit your unique needs.  

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