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Learn with a trained, experienced, Cpr certified swim instructor.


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​​"I want to THANK YOU for teaching our 2 1/2 year old twins pool safety.  Sunday late afternoon, our son was playing with the water hose around the pool.  Before we knew it, he fell into the pool.  He immediately flipped to his back and made it to the side of the pool on his own...he used his monkey arms, and then started to pull himself out of the pool on his own.  THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for everthing you did during their swim lessons!!!  I feel so much better that he remembered what to do and a little more comfort in case he ever makes it outside without us (hopefully never!!!)  I can't imagine what could have happened if we did not start the pool safety.  Thank you again and see ya soon!" -Janet D

"Safe Swimming School just makes things so easy!  My child was afraid of the water, and would not even put her feet in the pool.  She would not participate in group swim lessons, and we had lost hope that she would ever learn to swim or have fun in the water.  The instructor came to our house, and was able to figure out what made our daughter comfortable.  He was so patient with her, and made me feel comfortable too.  By the end of the summer, she was swimming the length of the pool!" -Nikki H

"Because of Safe Swimming School, my kids are water safe." -Megan S

"Safe Swimming School is the BEST!  The instructors are patient and kind, and the children love working with them.  They are extremely skilled in teaching the fundamental techniques for swimming and also the importance of pool safety.  Both of my children can swim well and have great water confidence now, thanks to Safe Swimming School!" -Jocelyn P

"Safe Swimming School has the best swim instructors that I've ever worked with!" -Richard H

"My oldest daughter was hesitant of the water until she started classes with Safe Swimming School.  She got comfortable with the water quickly, and now she can swim seven lengths of the pool all by herself.  The instructor is calm and patient with my kids, she sings songs and makes swimming fun.  They are always on time and very reliable.  If you are looking for a great private swim instructor I highly recommend Safe Swimming School!" -Jacqueline S

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